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"We know so little about one another, we embrace a shadow and love a dream" - Hajalmar Soderberg


  • Internal Communications
  • Infomercials
  • Brand Activations
  • Corporate Identity Manuals Brochures, Posters, Annual Reports. Websites and Online Marketing. Digital Branding. Magazines,Experiential Marketing.
  • Retail Supplements/Catalogues. Point of sale, product activations, Packaging.
  • Communications Newsletters. Brochures, Corporate Videos. Promotional Materials.


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  • Radio Marketing
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  • Digital Marketing
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  • Magazines
  • Newspapers (Communities and Regional Dallies)
  • Billboards
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Public Relations (Editorials, Press Releases, Advertorials)


  • Printing process: Cost Estimates, Sourcing and recommend on relevant paper, Providing paper samples, DTP and color specs to final production.
  • Either on: Paper, Digital Displays, Merchandising, Corporate Gifts, and Clothing.

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  • Pick n Pay Botswana

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is a dynamic multi media advertising agency founded in 2004 and is 100% black owned, and the agency is fueled by young, passionate advertising geeks who are abreast with the ever evolving market trends.

The company’s competitive edge is supported by a culture of young enthusiast devoted to advertising.

OUR DRIVE is striving to understand your business problem and through collaborative input together we develop creative solutions that heed results as stipulated by campaign objectives.

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Sometimes every business faces the worst financial times. Reasons for this crisis (if I may call it that way) differs from one business to another and this may be due to product errors, loss of profitable clients, to huge lawsuits against the business. Often the reasons may be beyond the normal business operation, e.g. economic downturn, industrial action etc. For those that may be facing the overwhelming fate here, is an extract from the book “Successfully Navigating the Downturn by Donald Todrin” to help navigate the downturn.

The four pillars for successfully navigating the business world downturn:

A. Downsize and tighten the systems. Controls are critical.

B. Reinvent yourself, consistent with the most profitable operation you can create with the least investment.

C. Do your Debt Workouts.

D. Internet marketing, social networking, figure it out.
1. Downsize immediately, even if you think you’re fine and immune from the changes, no businesses one will escape unscathed. The market is suffering, unemployment is growing, people with jobs are not buying, real estate is crashing, and credit is scarce. This will all have a ripple effect throughout the country. If you’re doing fine, downsize anyway. You can deliver the same amount—or more—with fewer people by increasing their’s true. Downsize drastically, forcing profitability by reducing your overhead and increasing productivity; it can be done!
2. You cannot wait another day! Install a key indicator system to track your business and have daily, weekly, and monthly financial reports issued. Follow profitability per job, per week, per client, per product. Make nothing that does not bring in a profit.
3. Evaluate and eliminate excessive debt, based on your downsized business model. Yes, this too can be done through debt workouts.
4. Flatten your management system and add incentive based rewards throughout the business.
5. Reduce inventories at any cost, create cash.
6. Reduce overhead wherever possible.
7. Train and cross-train everyone to be better, more skilled.
8. Review your marketing program and reduce the traditional approach; use the Internet and focus on existing clients first; get more out of them. Internet marketing will save many companies; it’s called the long tail theory. Read about it in Chris Anderson’s blog ( or in his book by the same name.
9. Resist profit-eating sales and discounting, giving away your profit for no good reason; compete with service, quality, and uniqueness. Create a niche and have a competitive advantage. The big box stores cannot compete with you!
10. Emphasize service; it’s the small business competitive advantage, its strong suit.
11. Reduce your focus to your most profitable products or services, joint venture for growth and development. It’s cheaper and far more effective, faster too.
12. Expand geographically if possible. Internet marketing can take you anywhere, especially if you can create an expertise, or a unique specialty, or a special item or service...find what you do that is unique and do it as large as possible. Of course you can out compete the big boxes just be smarter and stop trying to compete on price alone.
13. Manage effectively. Flat, incentives, key indicators, financial reports, productivity control, profitable sales and effective marketing...get smaller first and more profitable, then grow slowly and carefully.
14. It’s all about quality, that’s what wins in the long run; never forsake this principle.
15. Consider vertical growth if you have the right product...if you make it or are prime, distribute it, wholesale it, and retail it, as well as going direct to the consumer through the Internet.

As soon as you determine you cannot make the transition, stop, liquidate, and milk the company of its cash. Eliminate all but the critical employees and wind it down as quickly as possible.

The horse is out of the barn, but there is still time to close the door...quickly. Get better, get smaller, get out, or be forced out. Your choice.

…Should you find this helpful, pass it on to someone who needs it…


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