We celebrate the joy of seeing our ideas come to life and create lasting impressions.

The story of Bathon House is the story of two brothers and their quest to change their lives – and those of others – for the better. Inspired by their father’s call to work hard and live a raw, fulfilling and impactful life, Taoana and Julius started their own agency in 2004.

Their vision?

To challenge and change the status quo of the industry, and reinvent what agencies could and should do..

From its inception, Bathon House has been inspired to innovate – to find creative solutions to complex client advertising, branding and marketing challenges, and transform #IdeasThatMatter into #WorkThatMatters.


Despite the challenges and obstacles the team has faced along the way, when their faith has been tested, they have not given up. It is these moments that have shaped and grown them. It is these moments that have defined them… And brought them back to the heart of their vision: to do #workthatmatters



We’re stronger together


We seek to inspire and be inspired


The magic ingredient in all we do


Keeps us connected to our vision


Things of quality take time to become

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We aim high at building a relationship with our clients and community. Working together on the daily basis requires each individual to let the greater good of the team’s work surface above their own ego.

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We have been previleged to help grow, build and work on these brands:

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